5 Simple Ways to “Treat Yo’ Self” Whenever

treat_yo_self_0_1458059915Bad pain day? Treat yo’ self.

High anxiety day? Treat yo’ self.

Good day, sad day, tired day, lonely day? Treat. Yo’. Self.

It took a long time for me to understand that the easiest way to make sure you’re treated really well is to do it yourself. No matter how many amazing and giving people you have in your life, not one of them knows exactly when you need a boost quite like you do, so use that to your advantage as part of your regular self-care! I’m not talking about necessary-for-life care, like drinking enough water or making it to scheduled appointments with your doctors, either. The best treats are little extra somethings that make your day brighter without taking away a bunch of your time, energy, or money. These are some of my favorites:

Cheap sweet treats

16_largeDroga Chocolates makes these totally unreal chocolate confections that they call “Money on Honey,” and they’re easily one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. A four-piece sleeve of these bad boys is about $3.00 at my local Starbucks, which is a small price to pay to be in wildflower honey caramel heaven, and I buy them whenever I need a little luxury in my life. You don’t have to have a special occasion to eat good sweets, no matter what that means for you: gummy worms, peanut butter cups, or maybe a gorgeous piece of fruit. Treat yo’ self to any (or all) of those as often as possible.

New jams


I don’t love driving. Any moving vehicle can put me to sleep within minutes, and when that sorcery meets a day-long headache? Let’s just say I’m in for a challenge no matter how short the trip is. It’s a necessary evil, though, so I need to make the best of it, and nothing pumps me up for a trip quite like an awesome new playlist. Do yourself a favor and download Spotify, then take advantage of just-for-you playlists like “Discover Weekly.” Free DJ for a private car party all the way through rush hour? Yes, please. Treat yo’ self.

Effortless tech updates

CaptureI’m pretty sure a new Macbook would make my year, but that’s not exactly in the budget right now. Luckily, free desktop/iPhone wallpapers can rejuvenate any device (at least on the surface) with just a few clicks. My go-to source for cool, high-res images is designlovefest, but any old internet search or favorite personal photo will do. My laptop may be slow, but its appeal skyrocketed when I made it into something I love looking at all day, every day. You can have that too! You just have to treat yo’ self.

Taking sleep seriously

zzzNo amount of sleep will ever feel like enough, so make sure you enjoy the heck out of every minute you get. Go to sleep with a little intention instead of just passing out whenever you get tired. Wear your most comfortable pajamas. Get the pillows just right. Set yourself up with just the right amount of face cream on and the fan blowing how you like it, because you’re treating yo’ self to the gift of perfect sleep tonight…or at least as perfect as it can be.

Changing that one silly thing that’s been driving you crazy

red_vaseI have a vase of dried flowers in my living room that’s been there for about a year and a half now. It used to be a red vase, but every time I looked at that corner I would have this overwhelming urge to change it. I thought about throwing out the flowers, or maybe swapping in some new candles, but it wasn’t until I put the flowers in a different vase that I realized all I needed all that time was a little change. Insignificant as it seems, the different vase gives that corner a totally new vibe, and now I’m finally satisfied. What’s the red vase in your life? A holey sock that gets on your nerves but you feel guilty about purging? A desk-dwelling pack of Post-it notes in an impossible-to-write-on color that you keep using anyway?  Treat yo’self to a quick fix and get that stuff out of your life for good! No matter how tiny it is, freeing yourself from that daily dissatisfaction feels amazing.

Your time and finances might change your rewards, but the point is the same: be kind to yourself and try fitting in a little something extra that improves your life wherever and whenever you can. Trust me, you deserve the effort.

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